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Joystiq is a blog about video game industry. This blog established in 2004 and was part of Weblog Inc network. Joystiq noted as one of the most successful blogs which exist in Weblog Inc.

There are six main categories in Joystiq, that are games, reviews, podcast, video, screenshot and downloads. 

The important progress from Jostiq categories was podcast. It is a series of post in video basis. Many visitors who don’t like to read will choose this podcast to get the latest news on video game industry.

Podcast considered as superior content in Joystiq and very popular in iTunes. Podcast manager divided it into some segments such as ‘Joystiq Podcast’, ‘Massively Speaking’, ‘XBOX 360 Fancast’ and ‘Episode Zero'.
As a blog with video game basis, Joystiq compete tightly with Kotaku, a blog that also discuss on game belongs to Gawker Media groups.

Advertisment that displayed on Joystiq placed in header part and right side bar. Due to its specialty about video games, thus all the advertisements allowed here are about games only.

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