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The $365K Blog Traffic Formula
Note : this post contains affiliate links which I am an affiliate. Please make purchase if the product correlated with your business goals.

Affiliate is one options available in making money online systems. As a part of it, you need to have a clear mindset toward making money online as a whole. Affiliate marketing online needs dedication, commitment, plan, and strategy.

It’s going to take time, but in the end the time you spend will be worth it. There is no better feeling than making your first affiliate sale. So promise yourself now that you will stick it out until you start to see results.

If you talking about affiliate then its all about sales. Selling other people product for a living requires a tremendous amount of persistence. Obstacles loom in front of you maybe on a regular basis.

But it’s what you do when faced with these barriers that will determine your level of success. The most successful people in any industry have learned to face the obstacles that get in their way.

Mindset is important for your own sake in running online affiliate sales. Doing online affiliate sales basically just the same as making business in the real life. This is important to keep in mind so you will realize that this business is not an instant access to get rich, it need hard works, determination, commitment, and perseverance.

Once you have found the key in this business, make a living from a blog is not just a dream for you anymore.
Why Affiliate Online Attractive?

Many people now has tried online affiliate sales to get more cash for a living. Most of them simply rely on profit generation purposes. To understand better about affiliate sales, you have to know what is the pull factor from affiliate business. Here are some pull factor reasons on affiliate marketing from DB Baker:
  • No Budget – With affiliate marketing you can actually build an online business with very little money upfront and invest money as you grow and earn;
  • No Support – All Support tickets, questions and problems are handled by the vendor;
  • No Customers – You don’t have to deal with customers directly as the vendor will take care of that for you;
  • No Refunds – All Refunds are handled by the vendor;
  • No Product – You don’t need a product of your own and this makes it very easy to get started.

Besides all the 5 reasons above I have found one more which is No Risk – The risk of business are taken away by the vendor, all you have to do just perform sales.

If you have the passion in marketing sales then affiliate could be a wise option for your new ATM sources. Thats why affiliate marketing could be a lucrative venture.

I can say that in affiliate system, you will only gain commission if your costumer take the action or in other word affiliate marketing is in Cost Per Action (CPA) basis.

You need to make sure your costumer to take actions, not just take visits. No action, no commission that simple. If you can find the right way in doing this, than affiliate could be your best income sources.

What makes affiliate marketing famous is the idea of work from home basis, you are the king, you going to set everything, you are the decision maker. Affiliate marketing could be your way to start business from home, all you need just an internet connection and a computer.

Doing affiliate means you have to find new costumers for an existing product or services that you didn’t create. But frankly speaking, affiliate is not that easy, you need to package everything in the smart ways.

What you are going to need more is attention and trust from your costumer to make them confident enough to buy it from you. Eventhough affiliate marketing needs a lot of work to be successful, but you will get freedom in working on affiliate.

You take the control to decide what products you want to promote, how to promote it, and when you should promote. Its all depend on you.

What an Affiliate Must Know?

*Learn the Rules

Even though all the activities of affiliate marketing could be done online, but you have to know the applicable rules, surely you do not want your hard work payless right?

So make sure you learn the rules, there is no need to make you rush. The money won’t go anywhere if you know how to do affiliate the right way.

Affiliate rules would be depend on each of the vendors, thats why it would not be a hundred percent the same one to another. The clear sample on this rules that many affiliate overlook is the affiliate link rules.

Many tries to modify the affiliate link in making a product promotion, which in some cases it deemed as a violation to the affiliate rules, thus in the result you will find that your affiliate account balance keep showing zero amount.

The latest affiliate rules that you should notice is the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) rules that generaly have mandatory disclosure which means affiliate marketer should disclose your affiliate relation with the product that you promoted and highlighted that you are going to get benefit if your consumer buy it from your affiliate link.

“The main reason of this rules is to protect consumer, thus it is wise for affiliate marketer to obey this rule”

If you currently promote Click Bank product, it was suggested that you are not making any change toward affiliate link. To make it sure I have confirmed it by myself about this by contacting the Click Bank client support.

Try to read and understand the rules thus your maximum revenue would be guaranteed. It is not that hard to understand these rules, you can asked directly to your vendor about it to make sure before you go further with your affiliate business.

For your information some of them that allow link modifications are The $365K Blog Traffic Formula, Ninja Affiliate, Word Press Wizard 2.0, Subscribers Magnet.

*Pick a product to promote

If you about to start online affiliate marketing then you are probably going to need a blog, read a lot of books, engage in social media, writing something about your product, do email marketing, use affiliate tools, get traffic to your landing page, make some advertisement, etc.

All related product with those activities are the ‘basic need product’ which mean there are high posibility many people will buy it.

There are many vendors out there with attractive products that sometimes make marketers get confused to pick one of them. Some vendors are scammers and con artists that are more than happy to take your money and hard work off of you. Sad to be true, affiliate marketings is vulnerable with these scammers.
Here are some quick simple tips to avoid yourself from a scam products ;
  • Eyecatching promotion campaign with a promise of huge amount of money with little efforts. How often you find an offers that says ‘make $ 10,000 in a day with effortless’. This kind of program usually only sale opportunity using pyramid scheme which is offense the law;
  • Ask a payment just to get started your affiliate. This kind of company usually scam, there are always a no cost participation when you want to become affiliate of a product that makes affiliate program attractive. If there is, usually it is the affiliate policy which stated ‘you can not apply as an affiliate unless you buy it so you can tell the benefit to others in your own promotion campaign.

Those were the simple tips on decide a company is a scam or not. Just remember to take a look at the product, were they only a promises (no real goods or services), or you have to pay just to get started. Watch out yourself, don’t get scammed.

After recognizing measures you should take to avoid being scammed, now here are some smart ways to pick which product you should promote:
  • Payment methods. You should notice this at the first place. Know how your commission will be paid. What do you need to have to get paid. Most vendors use Paypal to pay affiliate commission. If you don’t have a Paypal account you should make one, it is free to sign up, make your Paypal Account Now;
  • Find a trusted Marketplace. There are many prominent marketplace that recommended by experts bloggers, this could be your easy entrance to choose. Some of those marketplace are Amazon, Commision Junction, Click Bank, Link Share, Shopzilla, ect;
  • Product offers from prominent bloggers. Prominent bloggers will do affiliate sales to their email subscribers. If they support the products that means the products are trusted, and that also mean you can promote it too;
  • Choose a basic need product or services. What do I mean here is, you should think about a product that most people going to need. Let’s say Web Hosting, Marketing Tools, SEO Tools, Course, etc. Everyone who runs an online business would probably need that kind of product, thus there is a good start for you. If you ready to move forward then you can start to promote another specific products that correlated with your niche;
  • Get support from the vendors.You could send a basic question to their email contact/support officers, or in some occasions there will also live chat available (For some vendors like The $365K Blog Traffic Formula, will provide full suppport for their affiliates, start from making a promotional campaign until how to promote it). If their respond to your question are good (polite answer and not too time consume) that is an indication that those vendors are serious in doing their business.

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