Free Transit Hotels in Doha

Having a free accommodation is a great things to have, especially for travellers. There should be general standard for all airlines to provide free accomodation to certain passengers, if they meet their requirements.
This is my personal experience having a free accomodation while transit at Doha International Airports 

Notice Your Transit Periods

Are you on a business trip via Doha international Airports? Or maybe any flights via Doha?
If you are wondering about the fact of free transits at Doha International airports for Qatar Airways passengers, well ... I have the good news for you. You can have it.

You don't need to be private members

You don't need to be a business class passengers

Save Your Cash for Transit at Doha International Airports

First thing to remember

Pay attention on your time schedule on your electronic tickets. If you have transit periods above eight hours you have the right of a free transit hotels.

I was on my way from Algeirs to Khartoum using Qatar Airways. I had arrived in Doha at 22.30 pm on Wednesday, July 23rd. and my next flight was at 7.20 am on the next day.

This mean I have to wait for about 9 ½ hours for the next flight.

What did I do?

I check the airlines website : qatarairways

If you have travel trusted agent to arrange your travel, that would be a great idea, you can save your time for it. You can do it by yourself though.
But, I personally recommend you to contact your travel agent, and ask them to arrange your free transit accomodation.

Once it confirmed then everything should be alright.

All you need to do is just pay attention during your flight. You'll get blue passengers ID card, which mean you are transit passengers.

Make sure you stop at the transfer terminals. Once you get there, don't get rush the immigration check point. There should be transit hotels counter receptionist on the left of the entrance. This is the place where you should confirm your hotels. All you need to do then is just show them your ticket and related documents (passport and boarding pass).

Next thing you should do is wait for the administration. When it finished, you can move on to immigration.

Make sure about the fee, but when I got there I was having a free of charge. I have not give a single penny for that transit. To make sure about it, confirm to your travel agents or the airlines officers.

Ask for Wake Up Call at The Receptionist

If everything alright, you will be taken to the exit room where you can wait hotels officer come and pick you up to the hotels. The receptionist will arrange the schedule to make sure you won't be late for your next flight.

So, if you still wondering whether it is free transit hotels in Doha International Airports, it's depends on how long you have transit periods. It you can meet the requirements, then my answer is yes you can have a free transit hotels based on your passengers clasess.

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