Top 5 Things to Avoid to Success Online Business with Email Marketing

email marketing has continued to grow as business funnel in online business. Various reasons makes email marketing prove it’s benefits with notable features such as low cost, high conversion rates and detailed tracking which are important for business.

Despite of it’s profitable chances for business consumers increase their awareness on accepting email marketing. The fact that email marketing dominates by spam informationhas increasing consumers savvy on the emails they have received.

Consumers do know the difference between spam and permission-based emails that is considered as positive substitution for direct mail.

Marketsearch reports successful online business that perform email marketing campaigns gain nine times the revenue and more than 15 time the profits of broadcast mailings.

Preparing a successful email marketing for online business is an art, that’s why your comprehensive knowledge on effective marketing will do best for your campaign.

To give your fast guidance in crafting successful email marketing campaign here’s some effective points to keep in mind :

1. Avoid yourself being spammers

Spams equal trashed. Common consumer receives more than 200 emails a week, more than 50% of which are spam. Knowing this facts, there’s strong resistance towards the industry. As a notable features on email services, consumers easily set a spam filters for such emails. Thus, no matter how good your email marketing campaign it’s just a pointless hard work if your message ended up trashed.

Simple things to do about it is to encourage subscribers to add you to their “contact” lists. Then make sure your email marketing service provider maintain a good relationship with ISPs. This engagement will assure your business message go into costumers inboxes, not the junk mail archives.

If you are in searching for good email marketing service providers, make sure the service company has secure anti-spam regulations and complies to the guidelines of Can-Spam.

2. Maintain a well-structured emails

A well-structured emails are importan for making online sales, moreover since several companies and email providers recently block graphics asa measure to againts spam. ClickZ reports that more than 35% or email marketing results broken at the consumer inboxes.

What you can do? Several email marketing programs publish all your sent email campaigns to a secure places on the net (a location only original recipients of the email can enter, thanks to encrypted technology that automatically authorize the users). For some programs, you are able to track your recipients behaviours, even if they are reading your email from a secure web places.

3. Be personal and detail with your email marketing

DoubleClick reports email users were 70% more likely to respond to a email marketing if it’s substance was based on the interests they had personally specified. The number points out the importance of enabling users to select their own interest groups and have control over which business emails they receive. Based on the study, the most popular categories are coupons and household goods.

But your email marketing are useless unless costumers opens the email. Study on email marketing said that the most attractive reason for them to open a marketing email is the name in the “from” field. It’s necessary to assure your business name is clearly stated there. Another important aspect is the “subject” line. Costumers look at discount offers and interesting information as the most attractive subject lines, followed by new product ciculates and free shipping offers.

4. The conversion
The target of email marketing campaign is consumers make purchase as a respond. Study report that costumers had purchased something by clicking a link on an email.

Consumers more likely to purchased in the first chance. How they impressed by your sales services or after sales service determine the transformation of the first time buyers into repeated buyers. Make sure you are maintaining service quality during sales.

5. Stats tracking.

Tracking your sales is important to develop your business in the future. First to come in mind, if your provider’s email services for business do not included detailed, real-time tracking, you’re having a raw deal. Real-time tracking is now an industry standard, yet highly valuable for business, as it allows you to describe the exact moment a costumer open your campaign, clicks on links and makes the purchase.

Knowing such an important data tracking, you can improve your engagement in the future of email marketing campaign.


Sad but true, many marketers actually “walking blind”. The low confidence origins from a lack of knowledge when it comes to measurement, which means there's still a lot of efforts to be done.
In email marketing, a blind game won't take you far enough. You can fix that by aiming properly by following these essential tips, you should soon be reaping the similar major results as so many online businesses.


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